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A few weeks ago, my mission to help people end suffering and free themselves from bullying came to an end. It was unexpected and sudden. What precipitated the entire thing was a session with my coach, Hamish Bayston.

What happened was the result of two sessions, using a process known as TimeLine Therapy. The first session dissolved an old trauma caused by my late father.

The second session, only two hours long, dissolved the emotional link to the bullying, which caused the bulk of my suffering.

When the trauma released, it appeared as two watch mainsprings in my mind, unwinding into the future and the past.

I happened so fast that the session was over before I realized it and I became a different person.

Over several months, I felt the effects in every aspect of my life. One morning I awoke and realized that after 57 years, the journey was over, that it was now time to close the door on my work with suffering and bullying. For those of you who need help with either of these issues, I've put together several resources below:

Life After Bullying: This is a book about my experiences with bullying. This book tells you how to get bullies out of your life and if you've been traumatized, it mentions TimeLine Therapy. If you want help with that, contact my colleague Hamish Bayston at hamish AT aimcoach DOT com DOT au. Note that the fee for coaching is $285USD/hour.

Resilience for Kids 7 Proven Keys That Unlock Children's Courage and Resilience

I have a video series on bullying which you can view.

Some other books you can check out are:

Loving What Is Four questions that can change your life.

I Need Your Love - Is That True?

How to be Invisible Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life

How to Get Over Anyone in a Few Days This book is all about recovering from relationship breakups and is the best resource I've ever seen.

If you're interested in writing a book, you can check out my next venture. This is where I help writers go from zero to published author, quickly, using the process of interviewing.

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September 2, 2016

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